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Mimpi 1.0.8

Mimpi 1.0.8 Download


Do dogs dream of bones and cats?


Mimpi is not your run-of-the-mill platform for mobile devices; it is an adventure that will lead the player into the deepest thoughts of canine existence. Created by Crescent Moon, this free to download app is published for Android and iOS systems and is designed to make the most of touchscreens for its control.

Mimpi comes from the Indonesian word, meaning “to dream” in all senses of the word. That explains the very beginning of the game, where you find the cute protagonist dog sleeping over its owner’s lap. If you ever have wondered what a dog’s dreams are like, Mimpi offers an answer for that on its own way.

The comic style in which the story is told shows the delightful taste of the overall design, using the paperlike aspect to make a living comic

One of the most outstanding aspects of Mimpi is the visual part. The design is really beautiful and charming. The comic style in which the story is told shows the delightful taste of the overall design, using the paperlike aspect to make a living comic. The animations are fluid and precise, making use of some elements around the stage while our dear dog looks innocently at what’s happening all around it.

Beware of the wild animals
Beware of the wild animals

Animal dreams are not so simple

As in any platformer to download for mobile devices, Mimpi proposes a simple way of playing with some challenging parts in which you will have to resolve puzzles combined with your skills. All the obstacles that will appear during the game can be overcome thanks to the elements that appear in the environment. You can use clouds, plants and wheels all over the stage, just by touching and dragging these elements to the place in where they can be useful. In the stage, you will find collectable elements like bones and light bulbs for hints.

Mimpi will take you to 8 different thematic worlds, from the valley fields, to beside the mountains, and to the sea or the desert. In each one of these environments, you will find different obstacles and undefeatable enemies which you will have to avoid or complete the trials they put you like a volleyball match or simple puzzles. These puzzles are the main gameplay challenge; some of them are very easy until you find some that will require the best of you. If you don’t know how to solve a puzzle, get a hint in exchange for the light bulbs you find for advancing on your adventure.

Fantastic level settings
Fantastic level settings

Mimpi 1.0.8 Features

The main features of the Mimpi app for smartphones and tablets are listed below:

  • Travel through the 8 different worlds and meet fantastic creatures like a Chihuahua-Mermaid or a golf-playing bird
  • Game story narrated through images and comic scenes, using its delightful visual design
  • 8 available skins for your canine protagonist which adds a skeleton dog or even a robot
  • Challenging puzzles making the most of the features of mobile devices like the touchscreen and the accelerometer
  • Great sound effects and music that change according to your progress in the levels

For further information about Mimpi before you can get the download file, be free to check its

System Requirements

These are the minimum specifications your mobile device must meet to run the app:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.1, Android 2.3.3 or later
  • Size: 131MB free space for Android system, 153MB for iOS



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    Crescent Moon Games LLC.